A brand new social motion platform, ShowUp, needs to make it simple for artists to combine activism into album releases, touring methods and different elements of their work.

Launching Monday (Aug. 28), ShowUp connects artists with organizations supporting the causes they care about in an effort to create, assist and scale activism within the music business. The platform is at present linked with greater than 300 hand-selected nonprofit organizations throughout local weather justice, social justice, girls’s rights, LGBTQ activism and extra. (Utilizing a broader search, customers can entry greater than 1.7 million worldwide organizations.)

ShowUp might be activated by artists because the demand for initiatives that incorporate activism grows throughout the business and amongst followers. This connection to artists is being facilitated by ShowUp’s companions at launch: ADA Worldwide, Downtown, EMPIRE, The Orchard and Symphonic Distribution.

“Ultimately, ShowUp is an artist services tool, and collectively our partners act as a broadcast point for us to over 100,000 artists and growing,” says ShowUp co-founder/CEO Mat Corridor. “ShowUp provides timely and forward-thinking, actionable information and tools to our partners to inform and activate artists.”

Corridor continues, “How can artists help our neighbors in Maui? What local organizations can artists support during Hispanic Heritage Month? How can an artist support women’s reproductive health in Mississippi? The teams and leaders we work with daily at our partners help us identify artists across their roster interested in this work and help shape the campaigns we create.”

ShowUp additionally makes it attainable for qualifying artists to pick a company to dedicate a portion of their royalties to by way of a brand new launch or catalog monitor. Admin for this operate occurs seamlessly by way of current split-share know-how on every companion’s backend.

ShowUp can even present artists with information relating to who gave what, the place and when in order that artist groups can determine the activism-oriented segments of their fanbases.

“Our goal isn’t to turn every artist into an activist,” says Corridor. “This work isn’t for everyone. However, we do want to make sure that any artist practicing activism, or who may be inclined to do so, has the tools and support so that, when they decide to speak out about what’s important to them, their message reaches the broadest possible audience and drives the greatest financial impact possible to the communities and concerns they are supporting.”

Corridor provides that this aim makes label and distribution companions important to ShowUp’s work.

“Providing a scalable platform for artists to raise awareness and engagement while delivering impactful, measurable results for causes they support enhances our value proposition in meaningful ways,” The Orchard president/COO Colleen Theis provides in a press launch. “We are proud to partner with ShowUp to make advocacy and fundraising integral components of The Orchard’s client offering.”

“We all know ‘why’ this work is imperative, but many of us get lost at ‘what’ and ‘how,’” added ADA Worldwide president Cat Kreidich. “ShowUp helps answer these questions, and has been a valuable and practical starting point for our artists and teams as we all consider our potential for impact.”

Added Downtown Music Holdings chief industrial officer Tracy Maddux: “Activism is becoming an increasingly important part of how creators interact with their audience and the world around them. ShowUp provides them a platform to do this authentically and effectively and Downtown is a proud partner in helping make their voices heard.”

“Integrating the ShowUp platform allows our artists to seamlessly support the things that matter to them,” stated EMPIRE chief product officer Stephen White. “When artists make these commitments, our artist teams have an incredibly powerful new marketing tool that not only drives advocacy and fundraising, but new channels of fan and streaming engagement. Everyone benefits.”