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Season 2 Premiere of Will Trent: [Spoiler]'s Take on the Explosive Twist

We trust you weren't as of now as well connected to Susan Kelechi Watson's Cricket Dawson.

Within the last minutes of Tuesday's Season 2 debut — which moreover saw the return of serial executioner James Ulster — Will Trent's modern adore intrigued was diminished to fiery remains. In arrange to anticipate a bomb from exploding and taking GBI central command down, Specialist Dawson ran off with the combustible gadget, heaved it into a adjacent office, and pummeled the entryway behind her.

Tragically, time was up. The bomb went off and Cricket was burned. Destitute Will stood there and observed as his modern companion, a individual specialist, was immersed by the fire. (Suffice it to say, when Watson told us her part was “da bomb,” she implied it!)

Arrangement star Ramón Rodríguez, who too serves as a maker on the ABC wrongdoing dramatization, uncovers to TVLine that there were early dialogs almost having Cricket show up in more than one scene. So, why murder her off so before long? “What we finished up realizing is that perhaps there's more esteem in [her passing] being another thing that Will doesn't bargain with — another layer, another traumatic circumstance that he doesn't come to terms with,” he clarifies. “How does that impact everything else?”

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Underneath, Watson weighs in on her inopportune end.

Cricket, tragically, does not survive the hour. Have you had a chance to see how it all closes for her?

I haven't, but I keep in mind being there and shooting that minute, and getting very particular around what we needed that finishing to feel like — what her inspiration was, knowing that she was likely reaching to pass on as she ran to contain the bomb, and what that must feel like for her. I compared it to being a firefighter or a police officer. It's a work where, worst case situation, your life is at stake, which was the way I had to approach it. There's a portion of her that has accommodated the truth that most exceedingly bad case situation implies she seem lose her life, which she has chosen to do this.

Take me back to what it was like to shoot that scene. Cricket hurls the bomb, hammers the entryway behind her, at that point you turn, you confront Ramón, and somebody hollers “Cut!” All you'll do as an performing artist is internalize what Cricket is going through in that minute and express that in her gaze, definitely?

Right, and I do not know that any of us knows what that would feel like. So I let that be a shock for me, as well.

Was a portion of you energized to have this enormous passing scene?

You know, it's curiously. A portion of me was like, “Wow! Does she have to die?” I kept saying that — “Does she got to die?” — since it fair felt so brutal at the conclusion, and I've grown to cherish her so much, but it makes for an extremely great episode.

will trent season 2 episode 1 spoilers 1

Any portion of you would like you were staying around for a number of more? Or do you like simply came, you made this permanent impression on Will, at that point cleared out this world — all within the span of 30+ minutes?

No. I cherish that she takes off an impression. Now and then, there's fair a starting, a center and an conclusion, and it all plays out in one scene. It's in benefit to Will, and I'm energized to see how that influences him for at slightest another scene or two. I was fair so upbeat to have the opportunity to play in this world for a small whereas.

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